Zume, which  uses vans with hyper-efficient ovens to make pizzas while delivering them, bought Pivot, a California-based company that designs plant-based packaging.

The deal continues a shift into packaging for Zume which introduced a compostable pizza box made from sugar cane fibers in 2016. The  company will open a 70,000 square-foot manufacturing plant, the first of several planned for the U.S.

  • With a recent United Nations Environment Programme report that 300 million tons of plastic waste are generated globally each year, Zume has set a target to replace one billion plastic and styrofoam containers by next year with the help of the new acquisition.
  • “We’re teaming with some of the world’s leading food brands to reach our goal of eliminating plastic and styrofoam in fresh foods and food delivery,” said Alex Garden, Zume’s CEO. Food packaging provides “critical consumption data but it also provides useful information from the farm where its materials are sourced to the final disposal.”
  • Zume’s packaging repurposes agricultural waste from sources including bamboo, wheat, straw and other organic fibers. Agricultural waste totaled 5.5 billion tons worldwide in 2013, according to a Brazilian study last year.
  • Karma Take: With its acquisition of a plant-based packaging company, Zume has established itself as an innovative leader in fighting climate change as a food producer.