Facebook’s response to fake videos has been tested again, this time with a 20-second AI-generated video of Mark Zuckerberg published on Instagram over the weekend. The social network has again decided to leave it up for the public while flagging as doctored.

In the satirical video, posted by a pair of artists and an ad agency, Zuckerberg praises spy agency Spectre from James Bond books. The so-called deepfake was made with technology used to create realistic videos that never actually happened, like the one posted last month by a far-right wing group that makes Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appear drunk. Facebook decided then that if fact-checkers found the video to be fake, the company would leave it up and label it as fake.

  • Instagram told Vice’s Motherboard they will “treat this content the same way we treat all misinformation on Instagram. If third-party fact checkers mark it as false, we will filter it from Instagram’s recommendation surfaces like Explore and hashtag pages.
  • Washington is still figuring out how to handle this new technology: the House Permanent Select Committee will hold an open hearing June 13 on national security challenges of artificial intelligence, manipulated media, and “deepfake” technology.  
  • Karma Take: With the development and spread of A.I. applications  and “deepfake” technology, social networks like Facebook will have to move faster to maintain the trust of users.