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  • Tel Aviv has more startups per person than anywhere else in the world except Silicon Valley. What is Israel’s secret to startup success? Author Uri Adoni thinks he knows. 

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The “move fast and break things” ethos of startup culture puts those who are used to challenging assumptions and authority at a distinct advantage. That’s why Israeli venture capitalist Uri Adoni thinks Tel Aviv is one of the top startup ecosystems on the planet.

It’s a theory that also has implications for improving diversity in funding decisions. 

First, it’s worth noting that Israel’s startup culture is pretty singular. The only place with more startups per capita than Tel Aviv is Silicon Valley itself. Israeli startups raised a whopping $612 million in the month of August alone — nearly double what was raised in the same month in 2019, and in the face of a global economic calamity. Their success rate is so high that New York City offered to cover 50% of R&D expenses for Israeli startups if their technology addressed the COVID-19 pandemic and they were willing to relocate. 

How much of that market is tied to impact? 

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