Social media giant TikTok’s reported purchase of Jukedeck last week points to rising demand in the video production and entertainment industries for music created by artificial intelligence.  

U.K.-based Jukedeck, which has raised about $2.8 million, mostly from Cambridge Innovation Capital, allows producers to create music through the genres and instruments selected on the app. TikTok is a social media video app with over 500 million monthly users. 

Jukedeck isn’t the only A.I.- based music technology drawing attention. Last week, Landr, a Montreal-startup that provides an A.I.-based audio post-production, raised $26 million. In May, Amadeus Code, which helps songwriters create chord changes and beats using A.I., raised $2 million. 

  • A.I. is already being used in music mastering to save on the costs of hiring sound engineers. “AI is not inventing a new business process, it is completing a process that is already there. It is just reinterpreting what is already there,” Paul Resnikoss, founder of Digital Music News, said in a Karma interview. 
  • Jukedeck, winner of TechCrunch’s 2015 Disrupt London Battlefield competition, has also developed a tool to interpret video and automatically mix music into it. According to Resnikoss, artificial intelligence solutions like Jukedeck help Tiktok avoid having to “pay rights for a whole song to artists when they just need short videos or audio snippets.”
  • “The technology will help those who are already in the music industry. It makes it quicker for them to produce, since the business requires faster results now,” Yair Silva, a sound engineer at JAMBOX Entertainment Studios, a New York recording studio, told Karma.
  • Resnikoss agrees that “consumption is so different. Now artists are just pumping out music and pushing stuff out. AI may not be as creative as artists, but we will hear more names of music apps using AI, for sure.” 
  • Karma Takeaway: Jukedeck’s acquisition by TikTok underscores the growth of AI-based music making with more competitors creatively disrupting the production and mastering processes.