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Toilet Paper’s Environmental Toll Rises as Alternatives Fail to Catch On

Consider this the next time you buy toilet paper.  If you’re like most American consumers your toilet paper was...

Nike May Risk Customer Alienation with Data-Focused Acquisition

With Nike’s recent acquisition of Celect, an AI-driven predictive analytics company, the retail giant has the potential to transform its business from...

Augmented Reality Dreams: Snap Tries Again With Spectacles 3

Snap isn’t backing down from its effort to sell video-recording sunglasses, unveiling its third iteration that doubles the cameras and the price. 

Fish Oil From Canola Seeds Seen Easing Ocean Harvest Pressures

It’s not quite farm-raised fish sticks, but the big agricultural firm Cargill may have moved our food supply a step closer.

Unilever May Sell Brands That Don’t Meet ‘Purpose Standards’

Unilever, whose 400 brands range from Popsicles ice pops to Dove soap, is reviewing its product line with an eye toward selling...
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