• User-created content has revolutionized how we create and view content, but control and monetization of that content remains centralized in the hands of a very few platforms.
  • Total global media deal volumes were slightly down to $19.6B compared to to the $20.23B levels registered in 2016.
  • National internet providers continue to consolidate control of the broadband market via mergers, further reducing consumers’ options, while state governments move to block city-built public broadband.
  • Trust in social media platforms and search providers like Facebook and Google is at an all-time low, and efforts to combat fake news and other divisive online content will likely hurt these platforms’ profit margins for years to come.
  • Ad-driven media is “broken” with large and small media outlets resorting to paywalls and focusing on meeting readers' needs in order to drive revenue.
  • Programmatic ad delivery holds the promise of resurrecting ad revenue models by creating a more synergistic relationship between advertisers and internet users.
  • Part of Our Coverage on Decentralization in Media


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