Instant Karma Newsletter 8.7.20
  • How social enterprises are better connecting people to their communities. 

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Sometimes, the process is the point. Social enterprises around the world are creating tools and building physical and digital spaces to improve the connection between people and their communities — an important part of democracy’s fabric, especially as citizens reckon with “building back better” after the pandemic. is a one-stop-shop for mission-driven dialogue drivers around the world. Australia’s The Hive brings civic organizations customized digital platforms for community participation, including tools for participatory budgeting. Paris-based CoopCycle is a cooperative for bicycle delivery services that helps individual gig economy workers engage more effectively with local governments. In Boston, the composting mavens at CERO Cooperative became the first portfolio company for the Boston Ujima Fund, the U.S.’s first-ever democratic investment fund. 

In Other News: Robot Cleaners, Green Motorcycles 

Robot takeover update: this one sucks up oil spills, and this one is trying to prevent pandemic-era money laundering. Meet the world’s greenest motorcycle. Surveillance footage to catch speeders is spawning a standoff in local governments. Can we innovate our way to free calls home for incarcerated people? And, how can we get companies to go beyond “random acts of humanitarianism”?

Levity Break

Watch Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky swim with a glass of chocolate milk on her head. What did you learn in quarantine?