Instant Karma Newsletter 7.24.20
  • Tech for good is taking over the robot takeover. 

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Regular readers of this newsletter know that the robot takeover is currently in progress. And while robots of any kind might be unsettling — especially the ones Jeff Bezos apparently wants us to make out of Amazon boxes? — there are a lot of social entrepreneurs creating and scaling tech for good around the world. Nexus Labs in the U.K. uses CGI animations to digitally train medical students. Rwanda-based ARED offers its franchisees a solar-powered “business in a box” to deliver last-mile distribution of prepaid services and digital connectivity. In India, Simulanis is using virtual reality to provide better training and support to industrial workers. And if there’s a glitch in your impact matrix, B corps like Rule4 and Geek Girl Tech can come to the rescue. 

In Other News: SEC changes, TikTok ‘creators fund’

Proposed SEC rule changes would benefit activist investors. TikTok is launching a $200 million “creators fund” to help its users earn an income on the platform. The EU has told Google that it can’t use data about your steps to improve search engine results. Will tiny (and eco-friendly) businesses replace vacant city centers? A South African town is upcycling its way out of pollution and the legacy of apartheid. Another rapidly unfolding crisis: plastic in oceans

Levity Break

Taylor Swift’s new album is a surprise! (but I have already planned my dance break)