Instant Karma Newsletter 8.21.20
  • Inspired by the Democratic National Convention’s all-virtual roll call, we shine the spotlight on social enterprises from America’s five smallest states and territories. 

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Those who tuned into the first all-virtual Democratic National Convention this week got treated to a COVID-era twist on the traditional roll call, in which party activists from each state formally assign their delegates to the nominee. Instead of the show-of-hands and brief speeches from the convention floor, each state pre-recorded videos at a special or significant location. Some states had familiar public figures in front of national landmarks, but many took the opportunity to put a unique twist on their state’s story. In that spirit, here are five social enterprises from five of the smallest (by size or by population) states and territories, all making a big impact:

In calamari-loving Rhode Island, Tuckerman & Co. sustainably sources the materials for their beachy cotton shirts from fair-labor suppliers. Montana’s Jelt, which makes its signature belts out of recycled plastic, outfits ranch hands and fashionistas alike. Arctic Solar Ventures in Alaska is connecting homes around the northernmost state to solar grids.  The U.S. Virgin Islands, among the U.S. territories and provinces featured, is also home to the award-winning conscious leadership magazine Real Leaders. And Delaware’s IncNow is a family-run B corporation that helps companies set up their LLCs in the state, which is also home to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Levity Break

Quarantine Craft Project #842020754: Make your own jorts.