Instant Karma Newsletter 8.14.20
  • Sorting through the increasingly crowded podcast field to find some to offer advice and context on impact investing. 

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With more than one million podcasts out there, finding one (or several) tailored to your specific interest is getting easier. For those who want to learn more about impact investing while working out, cooking, or attempting to mimic the sounds of coffee shop conversation while alone in your apartment (just me?), the options are growing.

In June, the newest entree, Next Normal, launched its monthly conversations between host Amit Bouri (CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network) and impact thought leaders. The SOCAP team’s Money + Meaning podcast features biweekly conversations with changemakers about big topics in business for good, a theme in the global coverage by The Changemakers. LIFT Economy’s Andrew Baskin hosts the weekly Next Economy Now with business leaders taking transformative and impact-driven approaches to their work. And there’s a wonderful rabbit hole full of social entrepreneur-centric podcasts, including Tony Loyd’s Social Entrepreneur and Vicki Saunders’ SheEO.World

In Other News: WeChat, Composting startups, Diversity

The proposed U.S. ban of WeChat would sever 100 million virtual ties. Here’s a list of innovative (and aesthetically pleasing) housing solutions to address homelessness. How are companies addressing pay equity during a pandemic? NYC’s composting shutdown fueled a bunch of composting startups. Private prisons are playing debt defense in response to activist pressure. Kamala Harris’ selection as the Democratic VP nominee may catalyze workplace diversity conversations. 

Levity Break

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