Instant Karma Newsletter 7.10.20
  • With online learning becoming at least part of education for the foreseeable future, edtech continues to be a growth sector amid the pandemic. Accelerators like LearnLaunch and BoomStartup will certainly be busy. 

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Columbia University created a one-credit in-person course for its international students to ensure none of them would be deported under ICE’s new regulation. As online learning becomes at least part of education’s new normal, edtech is having a moment that will continue to keep accelerator programs like Boston’s LearnLaunch and Salt Lake City’s BoomStartup busy. Anthology is a suite of tools for college administrators created through a startup merger. Literacy app BookNook just announced its transition to an equity-based pricing model to ensure that underfunded school districts were not the ones paying the most to use it. BeeLine Reader was originally developed for “screen fatigue” until its founders discovered that its color gradients could help people with dyslexia and other reading disabilities. The founder of Otsimo, an app that uses interactive games to prepare kids on the autism spectrum for school, was inspired by his younger brother. 

In Other News: Chinese digital currency, solar McD’s

How close are we to carbon-neutral flights? The People’s Bank of China is piloting digital currency with rideshare company Didi Chuxing. ESG fund managers make money because they actually know their supply chains. Unconventional networking is boosting social enterprises in Egypt. Unemployment claims are not slowing down.  I did not have “solar-powered McDonald’s” on my 2020 Bingo Card. 

Levity Break

Though “Keith Richards” was trending on Twitter on Thursday, the immortal rocker is very much alive — as predicted by Robin Williams back in 2002.