Rocket Lab is taking reuse to new heights.

The Los Angeles-based company is moving ahead with a plan to make the first stage of its Electron rockets reusable. Electron rockets’ booster, after expending its fuel, will descend to earth via parachute, and be picked up mid-air by a helicopter. From there it will be delivered to a ship and returned for reuse. The company will then refurbish the cylinder. 

Rocket Lab says it can catch the stage in mid-air because of Electron’s small size. The 2-stage rocket, designed to deliver small satellites into orbit, is about 56 feet high — one-fourth of SpaceX’s most-used Falcon 9. It plans a “stage recovery attempt in the coming year,” the company said.

“Reusing the stage of a small launch vehicle is a complex challenge,” Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck said in a statement. “For a long time we said we wouldn’t pursue reusability.”

Karma Takeaway:  In a market that has been dominated by household names like Musk and Richard Branson, rival Rocket Lab is proving that the sky is still the limit when it comes to the development and deployment of rocket launchers.