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Sustainability and impact investing are gaining traction with individual investors, larger financial institutions, major CPG brands and tech companies. However, standardized metrics for measuring the impact of those investments lag. 

Enter Sustainable Brands’ New Metrics ’19, an annual conference focused on introducing actionable tools for business success using next-generation sustainability goals and reporting.

More than 300 impact professionals and 250 companies are expected from Nov. 18-20 at the Philadelphia event. Through the lens of successful case studies, conference-goers will learn best practices for implementing successful social impact measurement into their own businesses, as well as engage with peers on the forefront of sustainability metrics. 

“We are on the cusp of the next evolution of capitalism,” said Dimitar Vlahov, director of knowledge & insights at Sustainable Brands. “Principles of regenerative economics and business are being embraced by more and more business leaders, including major brands such as Timberland and General Mills. New Metrics ’19 attendees will learn what that shift involves and how to learn to excel at it in the quickly changing economy.”

About three-quarters of the event’s attendees, will be manager level or above, and more than half boast more than seven years of sustainability experience.

But the conference isn’t just for sustainability veterans. Many New Metrics’ frameworks will be presented in new ways for the first time, says Vlahov.

“We are on the cusp of the next evolution of capitalism.”

“The program is specifically designed to serve as executive education of sorts – with workshops and breakout discussions providing specific training on key New Metrics topics in ways that are accessible to newbies and veterans alike,” Vlahov told Karma.

The three-day conference will focus on several key topics, including improvement of risk and impact assessment, circularity and net positivity target-setting, and adoption of science-based goals pertaining to climate, water, forestry, plastics and more.

More than 80 speakers spearheading the shift will share their insights. Among the event’s keynote speakers are Mark Kaye, SVP & CFO of Moody’s Corp.; Peter Jones, head of sustainability analytics and impact at IKEA; Evan Harvey, global head of sustainability at Nasdaq; and Astrid Kaag, a social resilience and sustainability advisor at Noord-Brabant.

Along with traditional financial professionals, New Metrics will also feature sustainability-minded leadership from top global brands, including Campbell’s Soup, The Hershey Company, Etsy and Timberland.

Attendees can personalize their New Metrics experience with 20 plenaries and three education tracks. Each track features interactive breakout sessions exploring topics specific to their attendees’ needs.The sessions include defining and achieving plastic neutrality targets, principles of regenerative economics, and how to effectively report impact measurement to stakeholders.

“Many other events talk about the need for more positive-impact work or respective leadership, which is great, but New Metrics goes a few steps further into exploring the best available methodologies and tools around measurement, along with the evolution of reporting in parallel,” Vlahov said.

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New Metrics is a leading event for the impact investing industry, and Karma is a strategic partner of its parent company, Sustainable Brands.