Instant Karma Newsletter 6.30.20
  • Impact investing is a truly global sector, with regional variances in ecosystems, regulations, and community needs, so it does make sense for events to reflect that geographic diversity. But what about during the pandemic?

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London. New Delhi. Buenos Aires. Merida. Amsterdam. San Francisco. Salt Lake City. Berlin.

Those are just the places I have been for impact investing events over the years, and my tour has been among the less robust. Impact investing is truly global, with regional variances in ecosystems, regulations and community needs, so it makes sense for events to reflect geographic diversity. 

But does it always make sense for everyone in that sector — particularly a sector that is trying to make the world greener and cleaner — to travel to all of them? That’s where the accusations of elite jet-setting have merit, and where the transition of these marquee gatherings to a digital future can create an inclusive environment.

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In Other News: More Jeff Ubben, ‘Transition bonds’

ESG has hijacked the conversation by selling a data-driven, benchmark-hugging passive product,” according to Jeff Ubben, who wants to take his new impact hedge fund in a much more activist direction. “Transition bonds” are an emerging asset class for businesses making the switch from fossil fuels to ESG. CoPeace, an impact holding company, is raising its next round on equity crowdfunding platform Wefunder. COVID-19 has made angel investors more skittish. Sir Ronald Cohen is urging the UK government to continue its Social Investment Tax Relief. Amazon is eliminating single-use plastic packaging in India.

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