Startup ID R&D is unveiling the latest version of its voice biometric product, joining a host of rivals creating new apps and seeking funding as voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Voice increasingly show up in homes and offices worldwide. 

ID R&D’s newest product boosts security of information on phones and other devices. The New York firm, which recently raised $5.7 million in a round led by Chinese firm GSR Ventures, launched the new IDVoice 2.7, which speeds the process of determining identity using voice and visual data and deter fraud attempts.

The product can be used with voice assistants, chatbots as well as phones, CEO Alexey Khitrov told the Voicebot.AI blog. Confirming a user’s identity takes no more than two seconds, he said. 

ID R&D is the latest winning funding and advancing voice assistant technology. Resemble AI and SoundHound are also developing more AI-based voice technology and tools.

Resemble AI, a synthetic speech technology company able to create an audio using someone’s voice, raised an undisclosed amount from AET and Craft Ventures., according to Voicebot. Audioburst raised $10 million from investors including Dentsu and Hyundai in April to develop advertising voice recognition products for use in automobiles.

“A lot of money is going into voice assistant technologies but not to the big players like Alexa or Google,” Bret Kinsella, editor of blog. “In a couple of years, we will be seeing a lot more people having voice tech systems, mostly through mobile devices.”

Long-established companies in a variety of sectors also have started developing their own voice assistants for users.

“Financial services and customer services are the most advanced and functional in using voice technology for their advantage,” Kinsella said. “But there is no reason why Red Bull doesn’t have its own voice assistant — it should. Companies can create engagement with customers through that technology.” 

Pandora, the music-streaming service owned by SiriusXM, announced that it will make voice assistant app Voice Mode, which enables users to queue up songs with their voices, available on all platforms for all users.

“Right now we are getting used to using our voices to access technology,” said Pete Erickson, who founded the VOICE Summit which is dedicated to voice assistants and occurring this week at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark. “While demand might be low today, it’s going to grow exponentially over time.”