• Millennials are demanding healthcare services that are patient-centric, flexible, adaptive, transparent, and cost-effective, allowing innovators to seize market share from moribund healthcare industry.
  • Global private equity investments in the healthcare sector breached historic highs of $43B in 2017, a roughly 20 percent increase over the $36B deal volume registered in 2016.
  • Blockchain technology and powerful data analytics are making far reaching research and R&D possible for the first time, allowing access to exabytes of private health data across a wide range of medical issues while maintaining individual patient privacy.
  • Wearable health tech uploading health data to the cloud will dramatically accelerate powerful models of AI-based preventative care, spotting and notifying patients of a wide range of health issues before they become major crises.
  • Powerful new models of preventative care call into question the continued viability of crisis intervention models of health care, impacting the long-term financial health of hospitals and doctors.
  • Part of Our Coverage on Decentralization in Healthcare


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