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CMS Medical Venture Investment has bought a quarter of Midatech Pharma Plc’s stock outstanding, reported Bloomberg on April 8.

Both are specialty pharmaceutical companies, with CMS owned by a holding company. The venture capital held 104 million shares, according to Midatech Pharma’s April 2, 2019, public-share registry filing.

The U.K.-based Midatech, founded in 2000, focuses on developing and selling products in oncology and immunotherapy in the U.S. and on its home turf. Among its products are Zuplenz, Gelclair, Oravig and Soltamox — all treatments for cancer. Midatech collaborates with universities and pharmaceutical companies to develop its platform technologies into products.

The China-based CMS Medical is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Medical System Holdings Limited, which is an investment holding company that deals with the manufacturing marketing, promotion and sales of prescription drugs and other medicinal products to hospitals. Its products are used in the treatment of gastropathy, cardiopathy, traumatic infection, hepatopathy, eye diseases and others.

As CMS has done with its stake in Midatech, it builds up its portfolio through asset acquisition, equity investment, licensing and distribution, and R&D. Its purchase of Midatech shares now gives it a bigger presence in cancer-treating drugs.

CMS was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of some HK$19.89 billion as of Monday.

Michelle Lodge is a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in Time, Fortune, Barron’s, the Miami Herald, the British Medical Journal as well as on CNBC.com.