Xbiome, which calls itself China’s first AI-based company that specializes in the development of gut microbiome, has raised a total of about $10 million in two venture funding rounds as investors pour money into firms developing products that promote healthy stomach bacteria.

  • The most recent funding closed earlier this year and included Yahui Precision Medical Fund and another investor, according to a statement today from Gaorong Capital. Gaorong participated in a financing round last year with Morningside Venture Capital and Zhen Fund.
  • Xbiome said it will use the proceeds to improve its drug development platform and accelerate clinical pipelines
  • Xbiome’s approach combines machine learning, big data and gut microbiome techniques into a platform, which it said “significantly speeds up and increases the success rate of drug development.”
  • Investors are seeking opportunities in companies such as Whole Biome, which has raised $57 million to develop a capsule it says will treat diabetes by restoring missing gut bacteria.