Leveraging UN’s SDGs As a Guide to Emerging Market Investment

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Key Takeaway: Private equity investors are relying more on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to guide their funding choices in emerging markets, a panel in London said today.

New Metrics ’19 Connects the Dots in Impact Measurement & Reporting

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This content is brought to you in partnership with Sustainable Brands. Sustainability and impact investing are gaining traction with individual investors, larger financial institutions, major CPG brands and tech companies. However, standardized metrics for measuring the impact of those...

EMPEA Summit Considers Ways to Close the $2.5 Trillion Funding Gap in Emerging Markets

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This content is brought to you in partnership with EMPEA. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimates that meeting all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 will require between $5 trillion to $7 trillion in...

Frontier Economies Need For Capital May Mean Returns, Impact for Investors

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Not enough investment capital is flowing into emerging and frontier markets despite potential for strong returns and the opportunity to help the world’s poorest communities, according to a recent report from the Global Impact Investing Network.  “Unlocking the Potential...

For Calvert, It’s 2007 All Over Again as Securitization Returns to Microfinance Deals

Calvert Impact Capital veered off the beaten path with its latest impact investment -- buying a stake in a $175 million pool of loans made to fund microfinance borrowers. Calvert, part of Eaton Vance Corp., bought the stake in...

PayPal-Backed Microlender Tala Raises $110 Million to Expand Reach, Products

Microlender Tala, whose phone app-based system has enabled $1 billion in small loans around the world, raised $110 million from a group of venture capital firms that will help it expand in India, hire workers in its markets and introduce products.

Israel’s First Bank in Decades Looks to Help Low-Income Families

Israel’s first new bank in 47 years will be making interest-free and low-interest loans, continuing the social impact tradition of its successor organization. Non-profit lender Ogen Bank, which is in the late stages of the process to get its...
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