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Accion’s Venture Lab Announces $33 Million Fund to Expand Inclusive Fintech Investment

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Kenyan shopkeepers, Chinese farmers and U.S. migrant workers are all vital parts of the global economy. The formal economy, though, has mostly left them behind. According to the most recent edition of the World Bank’s Global Findex, 1.7 billion...

UBS Raises $225 Million for KKR Fund, As Institutions Add to Social Impact Investments

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UBS raised $225 million from private clients for KKR’s Global Impact fund, the latest example of major financial institutions responding to demand for more social impact investing opportunities. The UBS fundraising is part of its five-year plan to commit...

Protect the Environment, Borrow at Discounted Rates: The Rise of Sustainable Loans

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Plenty of companies say they want to save the planet. It makes for good headlines and warm, fuzzy feelings, but what about investing actual money to back claims of environmental and social responsibility?  Enter the sustainability-linked loan, or SLL. 

Alphabet, Amazon and Apple Push Hard into Healthcare, Leveraging Digital and Network Prowess

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Key Takeaway: The world’s biggest tech firms, including Alphabet, Amazon and Apple, are using cutting edge digital technologies to build the future of healthcare, a more than $7 trillion opportunity. 

Shape Security: How This Unicorn Is Leveraging AI to Tackle Cybersecurity Crimes

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Key Takeaway:  Shape Security, which became a unicorn last month after raising $183 million to date, has developed an AI-powered engine that helps distinguish humans from bots and protects businesses from an...

Top-Performing Black Fund Managers Likely to Face Bias, Study Says

Institutional investors are likely to rate white-led investment teams higher than those led by black fund managers that were equal in performance, leading to racial disparities in how trillions of dollars are invested, according to research by Stanford University and private equity...

Jack Ma Not Going Quietly After Leaving Alibaba Leadership

Jack Ma’s last day as Alibaba’s top executive was on Tuesday, but he’s hardly going quietly into the night. Nor is Ma relinquishing control of the company he started 20 years ago in an apartment and built into China’s largest.

KKR’s Impact Fund Said to Top $1 Billion on Robust ESG Demand

KKR & Co.’s fundraising for its first Global Impact Fund surpassed its goal, as bets on investments intended to provide a social and environmental benefit surge. KKR is still collecting commitments after surpassing its $1 billion goal, Bloomberg News...

UBS ETF Focused on ESG Investing Sets Record in Europe

A UBS exchange-traded fund focused on ESG investing became the first in Europe to exceed €1 billion ($1.1 billion) in assets, showing that socially responsible financial strategies are growing in popularity.The UBS ETF (LU) MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITS ETF fund tracks...

Federal Monopoly in Student Debt Holds Back Private Investors

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The U.S. government’s monopoly on student loans may be one reason why startups innovating in the space haven’t seen a higher level of investment. An estimated 45 million Americans hold educational debt, and many of them struggle to repay...

Slavery, Child Labor Poison Supply Chains Despite Years of Effort

Slavery in its modern forms like forced labor and debt servitude persist despite efforts to stamp them out. Despite a ban by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, inadequate laws around the world fail to protect millions of citizens.
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