We explore global companies offering digital banking solutions for modern consumers, underserved populations and unbanked individuals. This covers retail banking, investment services, credit and lending solutions. 

Central Banks Wake Up to Embrace Financial Inclusion

It’s no surprise that European institutions are spearheading innovation and regulation of cryptocurrency, but this latest move will affect central banks around the world. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) appointed Benoît Cœuré as the new head of its...

Dire Warning: Investments Ignoring Changing Climate Can “Go to Zero Quickly,” Credit Suisse’s Drew Says

Karma_News Summary_Credit Suisse warning
Climate change is a risk not only to the planet -- it also threatens to blow up portfolios. That’s according to Marisa Drew, the Impact Investing CEO at Credit Suisse. Drew told Yahoo Finance UK at the OneYoungWorld conference...

Tech Titans Bet $120 Million on Israel’s First Digital Bank

Karma_Profile_Ogen Bank
Key Takeaway: Israel’s traditional banks are lagging behind fintech startups. Can two tech billionaires turn things around with a new bank?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Embraces Sustainability as a “Fresh Start” and Profit Generator

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has found that sustainability isn’t just good for public relations. Along with a growing number of leading companies, the IT giant is discovering it’s also a profit generator.  “We must rethink our traditional linear economy and...

Barclays Launches Impact Banking Unit as Investors Demand More Than Market-Beating Returns

Karma_News Summary_Barclays impact fund
British financial services giant Barclays has joined a host of global banking rivals ramping up efforts to find companies that will generate hefty returns by solving some of the world’s most pressing problems.  Barclays launched a Sustainable and Impact...

PayPal’s China Licensing Win May Not Be Much More Than a Historic First

Karma Impact_Paypal China
Key Takeaway: Paypal has been eager to establish a bigger presence in China, but its latest deal may not help the company all that much. 

Former Trump Advisor, Fed Pick Moore to Launch Controversial Crypto Frax

Karma_News Summary_Frax
A former Trump campaign advisor and unsuccessful Federal Reserve nominee is set to launch a new stablecoin backed by a pricing model that has already failed once because of regulatory concerns. Economist Stephen Moore, who withdrew his nomination to...

Green Bonds, Gaining Traction in U.S. as Acceptance Spreads, May Hit Records in 2019

Karma_News Analysis_Green Bonds
Key Takeaway: Green bond issuance hit a record $66.6 billion in the second quarter, and global issuance seems headed toward a historic high this year of $200 billion or more. The trend...

Amid Noise, Fintech Emerged as Bright Spot at U.N. General Assembly

Karma_News Analysis_Fintech emerges as bright spot at UN General Assembly
Beyond gloomy headlines about a scolding 16-year old activist to leaders acknowledging failure to make meaningful progress on climate change, you may have missed the fintech report published during the United Nations General Assembly last month.  The report, titled...

Britain’s Revolut Digital Bank Expanding Worldwide in Deal With Visa

Karma_News Analysis_Revolut partners with Visa
Revolut, the British digital bank shaking up the industry, is going global in a big way: in a deal with payments giant Visa Inc., it’s tripling its total employees and expanding to 24 new markets.  Revolut said the agreement,...

Stablecoin Companies Prep for Mainstream as Big Banks, Facebook Launch Digital Currencies

Karma_News Analysis_Stablecoin
Key Takeaway: As big banks like Wells Fargo, JPMorgan offer stablecoin cryptocurrencies, and Facebook and Walmart reportedly plan theirs, smaller providers are plotting how to stand out in the rapidly evolving sector.

U.S. Finance Intelligence Chief Warns That ‘Nothing Is Unhackable’

Karma_News Analysis_financial hacking
Hackers trying to take control of bank and credit card accounts are on the rise, and are now among the biggest challenges for U.S. financial authorities, a top U.S. Treasury Department official said recently. So-called account takeovers and are...

King Gold, Relied Upon by Asia’s Unbanked, May Get Challenge from Bitcoin

Karma_News Analysis_Bitcoin vs. gold
Gold is still king in some less developed parts of the Asia-Pacific region. Khmers, Malaysians, Thais and others still use it to bypass financial institutions that have been tainted by widespread banking malpractice.  Maybe not for long, as bitcoin...

Can These Fintech Startups Help Millennials Left Behind By Traditional Banks?

Karma_News Analysis_Barclays Accelerator
Millennials without credit scores, freelancers and low-income people with no experience in handling finances aren’t the usual groups that the banking industry targets. But three fintech startups believe they can cater to these underserved customers in ways that have a broad social...

London Moves to Top Spot in Fintech Deals, But San Fran Still Hauls in Most Money

Karma_News Summary_London fintech deals top NYC
Key Takeaway: It should come as little surprise that the City of London is a magnet for fintech, though it may be challenging for the capital to repeat this feat next year,...

Impact Investing Has Opportunity, Research Deficit, Study Says; Others Say Concerns Overblown

Karma_News Analysis_ESG investing concerns
The premise of impact investing is simple: Investors deploy capital in ways that return a profit, and simultaneously make the world a healthier place. Put that way, it’s hard to see why impact investing isn’t part of everyone’s portfolio.

Warren Demands Private Equity Firms Detail For-Profit College Investments

Karma_News Summary_Elizabeth Warren
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is demanding private equity firms including KKR & Co. and Apollo Global turn over details of their investments in colleges, as P.E. firms find themselves increasingly in Congress’s crosshairs. Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat running for...

Germany Ramps Up Libra Opposition as Banks Develop Competing “Stablecoins”

Karma_News Summary_Facebook Libra
In the latest round of setbacks for Facebook’s planned Libra cryptocurrency, Germany ramped up its rhetoric against the electronic money today and Wells Fargo announced a blockchain plan that may be a competitor. In Germany, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz...

SOCAP19 Celebrates the Power of “Valuable Strangers” in Impact Investing

This content was produced in partnership with SOCAP. Addressing the world’s greatest challenges requires collaboration, but many conferences in the impact investing arena tend to silo conversations to specific types of investors or operators. Social Capital...

U.K.’s Revolut Halts Effort to Expand Digital Bank into Luxembourg

piggy bank maze
British digital bank Revolut withdrew its application for an e-banking license in Luxembourg, after a member of the country’s parliament questioned whether the company was complying with fintech regulations.   The Telegraph reported that Laurent Mosar, an MP for the...

Accion’s Venture Lab Announces $33 Million Fund to Expand Inclusive Fintech Investment

kenyan money
Kenyan shopkeepers, Chinese farmers and U.S. migrant workers are all vital parts of the global economy. The formal economy, though, has mostly left them behind. According to the most recent edition of the World Bank’s Global Findex, 1.7 billion...

Federal Monopoly in Student Debt Holds Back Private Investors

student debt shackled cartoon
The U.S. government’s monopoly on student loans may be one reason why startups innovating in the space haven’t seen a higher level of investment. An estimated 45 million Americans hold educational debt, and many of them struggle to repay...

ThoughtSpot, Aiming for More Fact-Driven World, Raises Funds and Boosts Headcount

Multi-exposure image of charts and graphs
Seven years ago, a Googler and a software platform founder started a company called ThoughtSpot, aiming to disrupt the way companies use data. Since then, it’s grown to about 500 people, increasing by 60% since last year. ThoughtSpot provides...

Telegram’s GRAM Cryptocurrency Debut Will Raise User Interest and Regulator Scrutiny

Telegram Messaging App
Move over Libra: Messenger app Telegram may be set to steal Facebook’s thunder with the debut of its own long-awaited cryptocurrency by the end of October. The launch of the coin, dubbed GRAM, shows the ambitions of its libertarian,...

Global Tax Chiefs Increase Crypto Enforcement Efforts to Nail Tax Cheats

In a sure sign that cryptocurrency is close to becoming mainstream, governments around the world are stepping up efforts to make sure they get their cut of the action.The tax enforcement agencies of the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and the Netherlands --...

Kiva’s Blockchain Technology Brings Financial Services to Sierra Leone’s Unbanked

Microloan nonprofit Kiva has teamed with the government of Sierra Leone to help bring financial services to the 80% of the country’s residents who don’t have access to traditional banks.Using Kiva’s biometric blockchain technology, an individual’s thumbprint is linked to a central...

How Millennials’ Values Are Already Impacting Investing Around the World

This content is brought to you in partnership with Savvy Investor Two significant shifts are reshaping the private funds and investment industry today. Millennials and Generation Z consumers, their values and how these values impact the way they approach...

U.S. Fears Terrorist Bitcoin Misuse While Arab Americans Decry Discrimination

While the U.S. Treasury Department expressed concern that terrorist financiers could misuse digital currencies, including Libra and Bitcoin, anti-discrimination advocates say that crypto currencies are not funding terrorist activities, but rather have been adopted to bypass discriminatory practices by financial institutions.

UBS ETF Focused on ESG Investing Sets Record in Europe

A UBS exchange-traded fund focused on ESG investing became the first in Europe to exceed €1 billion ($1.1 billion) in assets, showing that socially responsible financial strategies are growing in popularity.The UBS ETF (LU) MSCI World Socially Responsible UCITS ETF fund tracks...

ESG Investing Is Not Just for Millennials: New Study Shows Boomers, Gen Xers Catching Up

While millennials may be the generation most associated with social impact investing, other groups are showing strong interest, according to a new study from Allianz Life Insurance. Sure, it’s still millennials who are participating in ESG investing at a...
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