Our Manifesto

Karma was created to advance people and planet through financially sound business strategies.

Our Mission

Karma is owned and operated by a team of private investors who believe business can be an instrument to create sustainable, long-term, positive impact that advances the state of our world. We believe in the power of the network, bringing together experience, minds and capital to create more opportunities for greater impact. By redefining businesses news, we hope to empower investors and entrepreneurs to create smarter strategies to advance their individual missions, while mobilizing capital to advance our collective mission.

Meet our dedicated

Karma Contributors

Scarlett Kuang

Staff Reporter

Scarlett Kuang is a staff reporter at Karma. She has also worked as a reporter and video journalist for New York Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Xinhua China’s National News Agency.

Daria Solovieva

Managing Editor

Daria Solovieva is Karma's Managing Editor. She is a business journalist and media entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the news industry and has previously reported for leading business publications from Mogadishu, Moscow, Cairo, Dubai, Paris and New York.

Michael Moran

Contributing Editor

Michael Moran is a contributing editor at Karma. He is an Emmy-winning journalist, author and investor who has worked with the BBC, MSNBC.com, the Associated Press and others. Michael is the founder and CEO of the strategic advisory firm Transformative.

Ambreen Ali


Ambreen Ali is a New York-based freelance reporter who writes primarily about tech. Previously, she was the digital media editor for SmartBrief and a tech policy reporter for CQ Roll Call. She has degrees in journalism from Northwestern and finance from the University of Washington.

Ron Day

Senior Editor

Ron Day is a Senior Editor at Karma. He has covered companies, markets and general news for nearly 20 years at Bloomberg News. Prior to that, he covered business, state and local news at daily newspapers in New Jersey and a weekly in Oak Park, Illinois.

Macy Muirhead

Media Reporter

Macy Muirhead is a producer and media reporter at Karma. She is also the creator and writer of the weekly media industry newsletter The 11th Hour Dispatch. She has a degree in media production from the University of Oklahoma.

James Peter Rubin


James Peter Rubin is a veteran journalist who has written and edited for CapitalWatch, ThirtyK, TheStreet.com, Forbes and the Economist Group, among other media outlets.

Peter Green


Peter S. Green is a business reporter based in New York. Peter is a former East Europe correspondent for the International Herald Tribune. He also previously served as an editor at the New York Post, a reporter and editor at Bloomberg News, and has written for almost every publication in New York City.

Anastasia Ustinova


Anastasia Ustinova is a freelance business writer based in Seattle with more than 10 years of experience reporting around the world. Her stories have been featured in Bloomberg News, Businessweek, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Houston Chronicle.