Regenerative Farming May Give Fashion World Brand Makeover

Fashion industry, criticized as a major polluter, looks to regenerative farmingWith the fashion world’s backing, startups like Oshadi Studio may find it...

City Population Growth May Resume in Wake of COVID Lockdowns

City population growth slowed or fell over the past three years, reversing early-decade expansions, a Brookings Institution study foundExit from COVID-19 lockdowns...


Karma_News Summary_Sextech

Sextech Rises to Coronavirus Challenge As Homebound Users Seek Intimacy, Companionship

The growing market for sextech products that help users deal with all things intimate may emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than ever.Sexual wellbeing, education and inclusion are seen as growth areas,...
Karma_News Analysis_Plastic

Plastic is Cheap, Efficient, Polluting — And Here to Stay

TAKEAWAY: Plastic is an unprecedented environmental problem and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Yet not only is plastic here to stay, it may even become...
Karma_News Analysis_telemedicine

Bright Spot: Telemedicine Startups See Surge in Demand as Coronavirus Spread Accelerates

Telemedicine companies seeing call volumes surge as the coronavirus cuts person-to-person contact and doctors’ offices close.While U.S. equities have plummeted as coronavirus slows the economy, shares in telemedicine provider Teladoc have surged...
Karma_News Analysis_AI Jobs

Coronavirus Market Selloff Tests Robo-Advisors as Financial Advisors Field Client Calls

As AI disrupts the financial industry, the current stock selloff is testing assumptions about the industry’s future and showing the need for human skills.Robo-advisors increasingly important to younger investors and big banks...


Biotech Startup Is Vying to Improve Memory Through Brain Implants

If Nia Therapeutics succeeds, brain chips will enter medical clinics in three years that will  provide memory generation for all patients suffering from brain injuries or disorders. Michael Kahana,...


Group K Diagnostics: “The most usable diagnostic will likely win out.”

Perspectives: Opinions from our network of advisors, investors, operators and analysts on the risks and opportunities they see. Just two drops of blood is all it takes — that is Sight Diagnostics’ promise to analyze,...

Time to “Prove It”; Impact Investors in Amsterdam Challenged to Speak with their Portfolios

Key Takeaway: Panelists at the Global Impact Investing Network Investor Forum in Amsterdam challenge investors to change portfolios to reflect urgent global...

ESG and Impact Strategies May Be Resilient, but Only a Recession Will Tell

Studies show that Environmental, Social and Governance investments as more resilient than other strategies and that companies with high ESG ratings tend to outperform their peers. Yet old-school bottom-line watchers, fiduciary purists,...

How Babylon Health is Improving Rwandan Health

KEY TAKEAWAYS Digital health startups are flocking to Africa to pick up the slack of its typically underserved and overworked health system. One player is Babylon, a London-based digital health app that allows patients...
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