Relaxed Pollution Rules for Utilities Raise Concerns Over Altered ESG Landscape

A Trump administration move to relax emissions standards alarms environmental groups, who see coronavirus-related effort as an invitation to polluteCarrie VanWinkle, a...

Kenya’s Micro-Borrowers Find Social Distancing a Challenge, Lender 4G Capital Says

Kenyan borrowers from microlenders can’t stay home to avoid coronavirus, African lender 4G Capital says.Africa’s fintech sector -- a favorite of investors...


Karma_News Summary_Sextech

Sextech Rises to Coronavirus Challenge As Homebound Users Seek Intimacy, Companionship

The growing market for sextech products that help users deal with all things intimate may emerge from the coronavirus crisis stronger than ever.Sexual wellbeing, education and inclusion are seen as growth areas,...
Karma_News Analysis_Plastic

Plastic is Cheap, Efficient, Polluting — And Here to Stay

TAKEAWAY: Plastic is an unprecedented environmental problem and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Yet not only is plastic here to stay, it may even become...
Karma_News Analysis_telemedicine

Bright Spot: Telemedicine Startups See Surge in Demand as Coronavirus Spread Accelerates

Telemedicine companies seeing call volumes surge as the coronavirus cuts person-to-person contact and doctors’ offices close.While U.S. equities have plummeted as coronavirus slows the economy, shares in telemedicine provider Teladoc have surged...
Karma_News Analysis_AI Jobs

Coronavirus Market Selloff Tests Robo-Advisors as Financial Advisors Field Client Calls

As AI disrupts the financial industry, the current stock selloff is testing assumptions about the industry’s future and showing the need for human skills.Robo-advisors increasingly important to younger investors and big banks...


Mightier’s Video Games Aim to Impart Soothing Techniques to ADHD Kids

Many children have been learning their ABCs through video games. Now Mightier wants to help them conquer anxiety and depression disorders using the same technology.  The gaming startup seeks...


Group K Diagnostics: “The most usable diagnostic will likely win out.”

Perspectives: Opinions from our network of advisors, investors, operators and analysts on the risks and opportunities they see. Just two drops of blood is all it takes — that is Sight Diagnostics’ promise to analyze,...

Bryan Walsh Talks Climate Change Threats, Latest Book

Climate change. Nuclear war. Asteroid Collision. Supervolcanoes.  For TIME Magazine’s former Senior Writer, Bryan Walsh, these are among the numerous catastrophes threatening civilization. Walsh’s latest book,...

Medium Still Searching To Fix the Internet — and Itself

When Billionaire Ev Williams founded in 2012, he thought it would help him fulfill his self-appointed mission to “fix” the Internet that, as a founder of Twitter, he helped break. 

Two Women at Rice University Are Shaking Up Academia with Entrepreneur Education

Perspectives: Opinions from our network of advisors, investors, operators and analysts on the risks and opportunities they see. Despite the growing importance of the startup culture in keeping the US economy competitive, academia lags behind,...
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